SCO 19, Sector-16, Faridabad


About Us


  1. Our experienced Kitchen and service staffs are from and trained at five star hotels.
  2. Complete infrastructure for 8000 thousand people to render catering service.
  3. Well dressed and groomed kitchen staff.
  4. Equipment's adopted to different type of cooking
  5. Hygiene and cleanliness policies are adhered too.
  6. Different type of cuisine from all over the globe which we have offered in our proposed menu.
  7. Menu planning is done by our line management keeping in mind for a complete nutritious course, that the dishes are not repeated in the course of service.
  8. Non perishable raw material like pulses, spices are of branded companies which are specified under ISI and AGMARK standards.
  9. Milk & Dairy products are generally purchased by us from State governed co-operative dairies.
  10. Keeping hygiene and cleanliness in mind we use disposable glasses and 20 ltr jar of mineral water with ISI specification for drinking and cooking.
  11. Dispensing of food for a gathering of 3000and above we will put a minimum of 12 food counters with a live tandoor in the centre for hot breads. Detailed dinning arena planning is only after visiting the venue.
  12. We use to create two separate kitchens for preparing vegetarian and non vegetarian food on demand.
  13. Washing of dishes, crockery, cutlery is done through three-tub concept.
  14. We believe in preparing and serving good, hygienic, quality and quantity of food though correct process of authentic cooking not in distortion of cooking process.
  15. We use refined oil for cooking food and Desi ghee for sweets of a reputed company certified under ISI and AGMAK standards.
  16. As mentioned in our proposed menus, which we have submitted, we will be serving different type of soups. i.e thin, thick, both etc.
  17. Appropriate garnish dressings and accompaniments will be served.
  18. For reheating of food we use solid fuel under the chafing dishes.
  19. PFA norms are followed (On many occasions we have served to the Governor and the Chief Minister of the Haryana).
  20. Storage of raw material is done under FIFO process, freezers, Vegetables are stored in food grade plastic creates.
  21. Our service staff wears gloves while serving, keeping in mind not to touch eatables with bare hands.
  22. Garbage clearance from the kitchen and dinning areas has to be arranged by the organizing committee with the help of Municipal Corporation.
  23. Our team consists of a barber and cobbler to make sure that everybody has been shaved and their shoes are polished daily. Assuring you that our supervisors regularly check the bad habits of coughing etc.
  24. We take all precautionary measure regarding fire. All the three types of fire extinguishers (Foam, CO2, Dry) has to be arranged by organizing committee from the fire department.